Services for...


  • Due diligence investigations
  • News and trend monitoring
  • Market analysis
  • We can quickly evaluate the business potential and major risks with respect to proprietary technology, product architecture, management team, marketing plan, development process, and competition. We monitor software industry news and specific vertical markets every day.


  • Market and competitive analysis
  • Business strategy
  • Business development, partnering
  • We work with startups from the earliest  stages, helping them get traction and understand the various first-year milestones. We help analyze markets, define products, clarify strategy, write-up plans, and prepare presentations.

    Product Managers

  • Competitive analysis, positioning
  • Marketing plan development
  • PR/analyst strategy, white papers
  • Collateral, sales training
  • Whether you’re positioning a new product,  preparing for a press/analyst tour, arming your sales force with competitor bullets, or reworking your collateral for the US market, we can often help, even on short deadlines.

    Knowledge  Managers

  • Help desks and call centers
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Technology evaluation
  • Our 20 years of experience with knowledge technologies can dramatically reduce risk in your plans for knowledge management systems. We are especially involved in the intersection of knowledge management with customer relationship strategy.