Teaching has always been part of Aldo Ventures. The principals have given keynotes and seminars for associations, corporations and universities. Some highlights:

  • Delivered a series of 20 seminars to visiting IT groups from a major Japanese financial services firm, as part of their effort to “shake up” thinking about technology.
  • Keynoted a 2-day offsite for a Midwest teleco’s IS group on trends and issues in enterprise software.
  • Spoke to 300 CIO's from financial institutions around the world about how demand for software has outpaced the workforce supply; the impact this shortage will have on their staffing strategies and systems plans; and specific techniques for rationally addressing these issues.
  • Taught Stanford’s first course on The Software Industry and co-taught the first course on Knowledge Management. Also taught executive education classes on Enterprise Software Trends, The Global Software Industry, and Software Sourcing Strategies at Stanford University’s Graduate School of Business.
  • Participated in Program Committee for the Innovative Applications of Artificial Intelligence 2000, IT Staffing Forum ’98, Practical Applications of Knowledge Management ’98, and Object World ’97

Other Recent Speaking Engagements

IT Services Executive Forum 2001

The IT Talent Shortage

Seoul SoftExpo 2000

Software Entrepreneurism in Korea

Stanford Executive Education 2000

Software Sourcing Strategies

Asia Pacific Research  Center

Software Entrepreneurism in Korea

IT Seminar, Monterrey, Mexico

Workshop on Strategic Uses of IT

US-Japan Tech. Management  Center

SW entrepreneurism & economic development

Korea Information Tech.  Symposium

Korea’s  Strengths in SW & Entrepreneurism

Strategy and Entrepreneurship in IT

Software and Business Strategy: A Quiz

Stanford Supply Chain Mgmt.  Forum

The Company as Product: Acquisition of SW Startups


Silicon  Valley & The Economic Importance of SW

Staffing Industry Executive  Forum,

Staffing software talent -- future trends

Advantage KBS  Webinar

Six  myths about knowledge management

Documation ‘98

The  status & future of knowledge  management

San Francisco Special  Librarians Assoc.

Y2K  & YOU: Understanding the Year 2000 Bug

Stanford Summer Technology Camp

Silicon  Valley: A Special Place for High-Tech

CIO  Forum

Recruiting and Retaining IT Talent

National Research  Council

Public policy implications of the SW shortage

World Outsourcing  Summit

Offshore outsourcing: pros, cons and caveats

Produce Mktg. Assoc. - FreshTech ‘98

Impact of the Internet on retail & agriculture

IT Staffing Solutions Forum

Recruiting & retention strategies

Calif. Council on Science  & Technology

Educating  the next generation of SW professionals

C/NET Web.Builder ‘98

Will components save us from the talent shortage?

SEPG ’97

Results  of a survey on SW project management

Software Publishers  Association

Surviving  despite developer shortages


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